International Soft Landings Exchange Program

Are you a business looking to grow in New York and throughout the entire United States? Be a part of this program. Every resource you need to accelerate your business and sales starts with BIANYS.

International Businesses
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BIANYS will connect you to incubators and accelerators who will help you navigate through the challenges of establishing and succeeding in doing business in New York and United States.


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BIANYS provides all the resources, networking and advocacy needed to help you lead entrepreneurs and startups into their next phase of growth.


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BIANYS sponsors gain exclusive, early access to leading international companies looking to innovate in the New York ecosystem.


What is a Soft Landings Program?

An advocate for global entrepreneurship, the Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc. (BIANYS) has launched its Soft Landings Program designed to provide international companies with the necessary business, legal and operational resources for establishing New York-based subsidiaries. The BIANYS Soft Landings program will educate, mentor and guide entrepreneurs and company representatives as they develop business plans for expansion.


New York business practices and regulations can be challenging, let BIANYS help you navigate your way.


  • Connections and networking opportunities with New York businesses
  • Guidance on US Market Research
  • Access to incubators, accelerators and industry experts
  • Education regarding import/export laws, taxes and accounting, and more
  • Overview of intellectual property law and regulations in the United States
  • Customer Discovery
  • Immersion into the business culture
  • Marketing mentorship on how to sell in the United States
  • Support on how to pitch and obtain investment in the United States from Venture Capitalists

International Business

Virtual Program Starting Soon

February 1, 2020

Summer 2020

Online Application Process Begins

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April 1, 2020

August 31, 2020

Online Application Process Closes

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April 2020

September 2020

Selection of Companies

BIANYS will make final selection of participating startups, incubators, and accelerators.

April/May 2020

October – November 2020

Programming Begins

6 week online coursework by world class leaders in startups, business, and economic development


December 2020

Conference in Manhattan

Optional in-person intensive experience with BIAnys partners at BIAnys NYC 2020 Conference

Eligibility & Application

To be eligible for the BIANYS Soft Landings Exchange Program, candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Must speak English fluently.
  2. Must be a for profit company with a product or service.
  3. Must have verifiable revenue.
  4. Must be able to attend weekly webinars and travel to New York for two weeks.

Course Work Schedule

Our Mission

Expand: resources available to incubator-based enterprises, working with policy-makers on matters affecting them.

Promote: entrepreneurial activities of incubators within the state.

Network: business incubators, incubated companies, and others interested in the innovation economy of New York State.