Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Do you have a business idea that you want to validate? Have you been thrust into entrepreneurship due to COVID? BIANYS has a program for you: entrepreneurs, innovators, and main street businesses looking to start doing business in New York.


Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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BIANYS will connect you to content and mentorship that will help you navigate through the challenges of establishing and succeeding in doing business in New York and United States.


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BIANYS provides all the resources, networking and advocacy needed to help you lead entrepreneurs and startups into their next phase of growth.


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BIANYS sponsors gain exclusive, early access to innovators looking to create jobs and build businesses in the New York ecosystem.


Welcoming all entrepreneurs, innovators, or main street businesses, to create a business model canvas (a present day business plan) with the advice and guidance of the top business incubator professionals in New York.  By the end of the course the entrepreneur will be able to determine if their idea is ready to launch, will be given advice on the next steps, and determine if and which incubators within the BIANYS network are a good fit for them to continue receiving mentorship from.  If incubation is not a fit, we will help them determine the next best step within the economic development ecosystem.

The entire program is based on the Steve Blank lean startup methodology of flushing out your business concept.  Participants will watch online videos explaining each section of the Business Model Canvass (BMC) and then they will be asked to create a draft of that section of their own BMC.  They will present their draft in the live online classes and then receive group and !:! mentorship in response to their presentation in each class and also individualized mentorship in between the weekly classes.

Applications due: January 21, 2021

Program Begins: February 15, 2020

COST: $500 for programming and alumni privileges

Lecture 1: What We Now Know

Lecture 1.5A: Business Models and Customer Development

Lecture 1.5B: Business Models and Customer Development

Lecture 2: Value Proposition

Lecture 3: Customer Segments

Lecture 4: Channels

Lecture 5: Customer Relationships

Lecture 6: Revenue Model

Lecture 7: Partners

Lecture 8: Resources, Activities & Costs

Our Mission

Advocate​ for resources available to incubator-based enterprises and other issues affecting them.

Promote entrepreneurial activities of incubators within the state with relevant programming.

Network business incubators, incubated companies, and others interested in the innovation economy of New York State